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Windows Care Genius can optimize your system to achieve the highest performance possible. Besides, it can also protect your privacy by disposing of traces of your activity and unnecessary files. Moreover, this tool can monitor software processes and hardware functioning.

The application has a nice tabbed interface. In fact, it resembles so much those of other system optimizers that it’s unlikely you have any trouble to use it. And like in other similar tools, you can perform a rather complete optimization with a single click. But not only that, you can schedule cleanup tasks to take place at a given frequency without your intervention. Furthermore, the utility can be set to start along with the system and monitor memory usage as well as CPU and hard disk temperature. In case the use of the RAM surpasses the set value, the program can free up memory space to make it available to other processes.

There’s no much difference between Windows Care Genius and other optimizers in terms of scanned areas. This program can run a general PC checkup to find privacy risks, useless files and invalid registry entries. It can also minimize startup time and boost speed by inactivating unneeded applications. If you’re concerned about leaving traces of your activity behind, which may compromise your privacy, the tool can also find and erase them permanently. Similarly, it can delete large files that are no longer used and are still occupying precious disk space, such as Windows update packages.

The application's interface has direct links to other utilities, but these are separate products that need to be downloaded and installed when you need them. On the contrary, the same features are integrated in other optimizers, which certainly reduces costs. The program supports finding errors and seems to be good at it. Fortunately, the trial version allows optimizing your registry, removing junk files and deleting private data.

In a few words, Windows Care Genius is a user-friendly system optimizer. As seen, it takes care of many crucial areas of your system. However, it has some limitations as well. For example, some actions like uninstalling unneeded programs and shredding data cannot be performed unless you download the corresponding external applications. You should be aware that there are some free tools coming with similar features.

Pedro Castro
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  • It searches for problems in various system areas
  • It can monitor various processes in real time
  • It allows scheduling cleaning tasks
  • It is easy to use


  • Some actions like uninstalling unneeded programs and shredding data cannot be performed unless you download the corresponding external applications
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